Cloud Services

  • Cloud solutions from our high-security data center in Frankfurt
  • Public, private and hybrid cloud services from a single source
  • Scalable Cloud Infrastructure with ITENOS MULTICLOUD
  • Hosted private cloud with virtual machines on dedicated hardware
  • Cloud Connect for access to the best provider at all times
  • Access to a self-service portal or managed services from experts

Flexibility from the certified cloud

At this point, companies can hardly keep pace with digitization without cloud services. Flexible IT structures, scalability and agility are the keys to success in increasingly dynamic, competitive markets. In this regard, custom infrastructure design depends on specific business requirements. A public cloud gives you exactly the resources you need, for example for your development environment or anticipated peak loads, in a cost-effective, short-term and flexible manner. A private cloud offers you dedicated CPU, RAM and storage capacity for special security and compliance requirements, including mirroring and hardware encryption if required. For companies that adhere to high security standards but do not wish to operate the cloud in their own data center, we offer cloud hosting on isolated servers.

Cloud services with perfectly matched components

A combination of public and private cloud is also possible. In that case, you receive all services you need for a sustainable hybrid cloud from a single source. All components of our cloud solution come from our own high-security, certified data center in Frankfurt, located very close to DE-CIX. Your sensitive cloud data is in safe hands with us. Our ISO 27018 certificate confirms that we comply with stringent security requirements and high legal standards for data security in the cloud, and what’s more, ITENOS MULTICLOUD rightly bears the “Trusted Cloud” label. At the same time, we offer you easy access to the cloud services of other providers via Cloud Connect. This allows you to flexibly extend your IT horizon and gives you access to the services of large hyperscalers such as Azure, AWS and Google Cloud.

Our self-service portal, where you can view and manage your cloud resources after initial registration, also offers maximum flexibility. Or you can opt for the convenience of managed services and leave IT management to us, so you can fully concentrate on your core business. The IDG study “Managed Services 2020” shows that 36 percent of respondents indicated that faster project implementation was the key reason for managed services.

Sorting out the choices: public, private or hybrid cloud

When it comes to processing power, storage space or apps, hardly any company today can do without cloud-based IT services. But there are different types of cloud. For the sustainable deployment of cloud services, every company has to find the cloud that meets its needs. Each of the different cloud solutions offers its own benefits, depending on which services are required:


Public Cloud Private Cloud Hybrid Cloud
Processing, storage or security components as shared service Exclusive services for cloud storage, processing power and security services Mix of public and private cloud
High cost-effectiveness Custom platform Applications and data for which data protection is critical are in the private cloud
Can be set up quickly Complies with special security and compliance requirements Noncritical applications come from the public cloud
High flexibility High scalability Combines flexibility with security

Service provider on the Trusted Cloud

With the goal of providing more transparency and trust in cloud computing, the Trusted Cloud project was started under the aegis of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).

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Oliver Hundrißer

Account Manager

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