Managed Services

  • Infrastructure, network and application management
  • Management of individual ICT components or end-to-end management
  • Services from planning and operation to monitoring and development
  • IT operation on dedicated servers or via cloud services
  • Highest levels of data protection according to the EU-GDPR

Your ICT in our hands

With ongoing digitization, managed services are becoming increasingly important – especially for rapidly growing companies, whose IT needs to keep pace with their growth. That’s why ITENOS offers comprehensive management services for everything from infrastructure to network connections to platform and application management – and of course fully GDPR-compliant. That way, you not only meet your IT requirements quickly and easily, but also maintain or even boost your data protection level at the same time.

Managed services for infrastructure and networks

Today you have many options for the architecture of your IT infrastructure – including housing or server hosting, various network components, storage systems and platforms, and virtualized IT environments in the form of cloud services. That is a broad range of options, and many companies do not have the right in-house expertise for all of these aspects. Consequently, it is so much the better if you don’t have to manage these matters yourself, but instead can draw on an IT specialist with many years of experience in infrastructure and network management. We offer all of these aspects as managed IT services – according to need and with exactly the services you want to use. Our services include the design, IT operation, maintenance and further development of your IT environment, as well as continuous monitoring and troubleshooting. Thanks to our monitoring, irregularities are detected proactively and remedied immediately. You personally determine the scope and depth: you can obtain our managed services end to end, or for individual components, if required. You always retain full responsibility for your applications.

Data center infrastructure at your own site

If you rely on data center power at your own site for maximum flexibility and security, we can provide you with a modern virtualization platform as an on-premise solution. This means you get hardware, software and management from a single source – and with Datacenter OnPremise a flexible platform that can be expanded at any time to meet your needs.

Managed services for applications

In the area of application management, we operate not only standard software and applications such as web servers or databases, but also in-house programs and special applications as managed services. Whether on dedicated servers or a cloud platform (PaaS): When you entrust your application environment to us, we support your applications over their complete lifecycle. We look after monitoring, availability and troubleshooting, as well as handle regular updates and patch management. If required, we can also manage the staging between development, test and operational platforms. We coordinate all service and operating processes in advance with you and offer you a tailored, comprehensive package, so you can fully concentrate on your core business.

Talk to us. We look forward to your project!

Jörg Winkhold

Head of Account Management

Our solutions at a glance


IT Service Desk von ITENOS

Available 24/7: professional incident management with a short response time and a high first call resolution rate.

Managed Mail Security

To guard against data theft, espionage and sabotage, choose email security as a managed service.

Cloud backup & disaster recovery as a managed service

Veeam Cloud Connect Backup and Disaster Recovery from ITENOS protects against hardware defects, cybercrime and disasters.

Internet breakout

Bundled breakout for secured internet access and secure access to your corporate network.

Managed Office 365 Backup

Secure your Office 365 data against loss or theft in certified Deutsche Telekom data centers.