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Our secret of success? Resourceful, fast and reliable: It’s a unique combination of skills that sets us apart. Each of our 220 employees embodies the ITENOS Factor in their own individual way. We do not accept standard answers! Neither do you? Then you have made the right choice with us.

Who we are

Welcome to ITENOS! We are an independent IT service provider affiliated with the Deutsche Telekom AG group. When it comes to ICT, we are a highly competent and reliable partner – especially for SMEs.

But let’s start at the beginning: it all started with 12 creative minds who set out to change the IT world. A small start-up, headquartered in Bonn, Germany, and in their briefcases a sophisticated portfolio of virtual data networks and high-quality premises for network nodes and data centers – all tailor-made and highly customized. ITENOS was born. That was in 1993. Since then, a lot has happened: ten years later, the team has already increased tenfold. Today, the ITENOS family has grown to around 220 employees, almost 20 times the manpower. We are growing continuously and developing our expertise, our portfolio and our workforce all the time. This is one of the main reasons why ITENOS has grown into a serious player in the industry, has established itself as a reliable IT and telecommunications company and is now one of the top ICT employers in Germany.

As an IT service provider and telecoms expert we continue to plan, implement and operate individual custom solutions for data centers and IT infrastructure, connectivity, access control and in the area of managed services. Of course, this is all based on state-of-the-art technologies from selected business partners and our own network infrastructures and data centers at different locations throughout Germany – whether in Frankfurt am Main, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Hamburg or Stuttgart. And we never deviate from the high standards of data protection and security that Germany is known for. In fact, ITENOS relies to a 100 percent on ISO-certified processes – both in matters of IT and cloud security, and in our quality and IT service management. als auch hinsichtlich unseres Qualitäts- und IT-Service-Managements.

But it’s not only our high quality standards that make us special, but above all, our proximity to the customer as well as the ITENOS Factor. We listen closely: what do our customers need? What requirements do they have? What issues and challenges are they dealing with? These are our starting points to seek the right solution – resourceful, fast and reliable. We’re not satisfied with standard answers, are you? No? Then look no further.

We could tell you...
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We could tell you…

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Nine good reasons to work with ITENOS

#1 T1 carrier
Our carrier-neutral and cloud-neutral platform at Kleyerstraße 90 in Frankfurt gives you direct access to Tier 1 networks as well as to DE-CIX, the world's largest internet exchange, with more than 15,000 interconnects and over 900 partners.
#2 Deutsche Telekom Group
As part of the Deutsche Telekom Group, ITENOS meets the strictest data protection requirements, in accordance with the governance rules. At the same time, our solutions are based around the group's proven hardware technology.
#3 IT made in Germany
As a German IT service provider with data centers in Germany, we protect your data in accordance with the world's strictest data protection and security requirements.
#4 Certified IT
All of our solutions and processes have been tested by independent, professionally relevant organizations – from our ISO certifications and EU-GDPR requirements to the highest VdS qualification.
#5 Zero outage
Maximum availability and stability for your IT – this is our promise. And it's why we are part of Telekom's TÜV-certified zero-outage program and follow a strict zero-defect strategy.
#6 ITIL standard
In IT service management, we rely on the ITIL certification of our employees. This certification forms the basis for both professional IT services and successful cooperation with your IT department.
#7 24/7 support
To ensure the smooth operation of all ICT services, fast assistance in an emergency is a must. In addition to 24/7 monitoring, the ITENOS team is therefore at your service around the clock.
#8 Energy efficiency
With modern technologies and sophisticated structural solutions, we ensure optimal rack air conditioning, efficient operation of servers and hardware, and low long-term energy costs.
#9 Strong partner
We are convinced that high-quality solutions depend on the right products – and the people behind them – which is why we work only with selected partners such as VMware, Cisco and Dell.



A project community consisting of eight pioneers set itself the goal of founding a company, which was to develop and manage tailored, virtual data networks based on Datex-P, to provide locations for the network infrastructure of businesses, and to offer the best service possible.


The International Telecom Network Operation Services, or I.T.E.N.OS. GmbH for short, is officially entered into the German commercial register on the 16th of November 1993. The three founding parties are the partners DETECON GmbH, T.D.T. GmbH and GRICON GmbH.


After successfully entering its market, ITENOS GmbH’s staff already grows substantially during its first years, to 27 employees. DETECON takes over as sole shareholder.


ITENOS becomes a full subsidiary of T-Data and therefore a member of the Deutsche Telekom AG group. In addition to data networks, equipment housing, carrier network and interconnect, ITENOS expands its portfolio, among other areas, with business SMS solutions as well as telematics including facility management and access solutions.


After ten years in the market, ITENOS’ workforce had already increased tenfold, to 120 employees, documenting a healthy growth, as do the numerous field offices in the German cities of Münster, Berlin, Hamburg, Magdeburg, Frankfurt, Trier and Erlangen.


Under the leadership of Paul Hülsmann and Friedrich-Rainer Bierwirth, ITENOS further expands its business areas: Now, its customers can also rely on ITENOS’ expertise in the areas of housing services, hosting services, connect services and telematics.


Bernd Mitternacht and Siegfried Pleiner become the managing directors of the by now 165 employee-strong company. To keep up with the changes in the market, ITENOS’ portfolio is consolidated into the areas of cloud services, housing, and networks.


A new differentiation towards the areas of data centers (connectivity, colocation and housing in Germany), managed IT services (planning, development and operation of hybrid managed hosting and IaaS solutions), and networks (IP network solutions for businesses with a branch structure) already mirrors the structure of ITENOS’ business units today.


For its 25th anniversary, ITENOS can be proud to have established itself as a renowned institution in the IT and telecommunications sector. Around 220 employees comprise the team one of the best ICT employers in Germany, where they continue to further develop its portfolio.


Introducing the latest addition to the Telekom Business Solutions team: ITENOS develops ICT services for SMEs, from data center solutions to multi-cloud environments and site networking – tailor-made and with all services from a single source.


ITENOS celebrates its 30th birthday as a milestone. With its team of around 220 people, one of Germany’s best ICT employers is working on a future full of sustainable innovations and partnership-based success. To highlight the goals that have already been achieved, ITENOS is also publishing a sustainability report for the first time.

Stefan Schneider joins as new CFO the management board with Bernd Mitternacht. He is responsible for all commercial aspects as well as human resources and contract management.

Managing Director
Bernd Mitternacht

“The success of ITENOS is based on the commitment and know-how of our employees and on customer satisfaction.”

Bernd Mitternacht // Since January 2013, Bernd Mitternacht has been managing the businesses of the IT company with preciseness and agility. As a proven ICT expert, he previously gained a wide range of experience in management positions, including roles at ITENOS parent company T-Systems and IT service provider Debis Systemhaus.

Managing Director
Stefan Schneider

“With the innovative, dynamic team, we will consistently continue on the path of profitable growth at ITENOS.”

As of Oct. 1, 2023, Stefan Schneider will assume responsibility for all commercial areas as well as Human Resources and Legal as Managing Director at ITENOS. After holding various management positions within the Deutsche Telekom Group, he most recently headed the Real Estate division of Deutsche Telekom AG.

Overview of contacts

Bonner Talweg 100
53113 Bonn
T: 0228 7293-0
Bernd Ebert
Manager ISO Systems
T: +49 228 7293-4580
Jörn Krinelke
Account Manager
Oliver Hundrißer
Account Manager
Jürgen Pieper
Account Manager
Hakan Gürgan
Account Manager
Joscha Klingenberger
Account Manager
Phillip Müller
Account Manager
Kai Müller
Head of Account Management
Martin Häußler
Head of Service Design & Transition
Bernd Weber
Account Manager
Frank Jarzyna
Account Manager
Arif Polat
Market Development & Interconnection Strategy Manager
Wolfgang Heck
Head of Business Unit Networks
Gabriel Willigens
Head of Business Unit Data LogistIX
Klaus Petersen
Specialist distribution BU IT
Contract Management
Iris Hopp
Contract Management Professional
T: +49 228 7293-4711
Marita Hilpmann
Contract Management Professional
T: +49 228 7293-4715
Oliver Zigan
Head of Contract Management
T: +49 228 7293-4010
Data Privacy
Philipp Alsdorf
Data protection coordinator
T: +49 228 7293-4025
Sebastian Tadtke
Account Manager
Thomas Wolpert
Head of Account Management
Ulrich Nagel
Account Manager
Ashkan Esfahani-Feyzi
Account Manager
Human Ressources
Claudia Rinscheid
HR Manager
T: 0228 7293-4631
Irina Zindikus
HR Officer
T: +49 228 7293-4632
Rüdiger von Ledebur
Head of Human Resources
T: +49 228 7293-4630
Jule Carstensen
HR Manager
T: +49 228 7293-4633
Celina Gläser
HR Manager
T: +49 228 7293-4634
Information Security
Alexander Schmitz
Chief Security Officer
Managed Services
Timo Claaßen
Product Manager
Jörg Winkhold
Head of Account Management
Jürgen Pieper
Account Manager
Ralf Sperner
Head of Business Unit IT
Marketing / PR
Marlies Büttgen
Marketing Officer
T: +49 228 7293-0
Ngoc Son Ho
Strategic Marketing Officer
T: +49 228 7293-0
Jasper Braun
Marketing Consultant
Michael Bunn
Business Development & Marketing Consultant
Daniela Freistein
Procurement Officer
Tim Mettbach
Head of Procurement & Facility Management
Service Desk
Ismet Turbic
Head of Service Desk


We keep our promises regarding quality: numerous certifications confirm the successful development of various management systems as defined in ISO standards. These accreditations are updated annually. The independent certification bodies DQS and the DEKRA certify on a regular basis that all audited processes are compliant with international standards – whether in the areas of information and cloud security, in service, quality or energy management. The same applies to data protection: as an IT service provider with high quality standards, it goes without saying that our data privacy management is also certified and conforms to the requirements of the EU-GDPR.