Managed Mail Security

  • Email security as a managed service with a wealth of features
  • Maximum email security for your company
  • Flexible and scalable to meet individual needs
  • Virus and spam detection rate over 99.9 percent
  • Fast, easy setup

Email security for your company

Without comprehensive email security your company risks severe consequences, including production downtime, inability to act and loss of reputation, because email communications is the main entry point for cyberattacks. Around two-thirds of all successful attacks access corporate systems through this route. According to Bitkom studies in 2022, 84% of German companies have been the victims of data theft, espionage or sabotage in 2022. In particular, the number of cyberattacks and malware attacks is rising rapidly. With Managed Mail Security from ITENOS, you can counter this with maximum email security.


Secure, flexible and scalable to meet individual

In times of acute online threats, security is top priority for companies, but they need solutions that can be specifically targeted and adapted to individual requirements. Whether you use a conventional Exchange server or Microsoft 365, Managed Mail Security from ITENOS offers many configuration options so you can choose between best practices or fully individual configuration to comprehensively secure your email communications against risks.

Partnership with European market header Hornetsecurity gives ITENOS Managed Mail Security a wide range of features for the best possible corporate email security. What’s more, setting up the email security solution is easy, from spam and malware protection to advanced threat protection. The solution boasts a virus and spam detection rate of over 99.9 percent and is able to block novel viruses thanks to dynamic virus outbreak detection.

As with IT 4 Network Services, you also benefit from our 24/7 support in Germany as well as comprehensive cost control and full transparency via control panel.

What are the USPs of Managed Mail Security?

Comprehensive protection
Covers all email mailboxes in the organization
Easy setup
Takes only a few minutes, even with multiple domains
More security
Boosts the security level of the entire organization
Control panel
For complete control and transparency
Configuration options
Choose between using best practices and fully individual configuration
Managed service
Use as a managed service
No investment required
Monthly service fee instead of high capex
Direct support
Personal Service Manager as contact during the operational phase
Easy implementation
Easy booking with ITENOS, with no lead time
Talk to us. We look forward to your project!

Jörn Krinelke

Account Manager

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