Multihoming & IP-Access

  • The right solution for every type of Internet connection
  • Connection with the high-performance ITENOS IP backbone using IP Access
  • Direct access to various Tier 1 carriers
  • Multi-homing concept with redundancy and high system performance
  • Everything from a single source, ISO-certified and secure

Your faster, more secure route to the Internet

Multi-homing is more important than ever. Because in today’s business world, the Internet is an absolute necessity. But when choosing an Internet connection, there are many factors to consider. We build your optimal solution and get you on the Internet via the fastest route. Using IP Access you are connected to the Internet via the high-performance ITENOS IP backbone – directly and without detours. The direct connection to various Tier 1 carriers, including the Deutsche Telekom network, offers you the optimal basis for a fast, straightforward data transfers. With network access via the IP backbone, you will also receive multiple peerings to the DE-CIX. This is the world’s largest Internet exchange node, measured in terms of data volume. If you want that extra level of security, we can connect you via multiple networks at once. This multi-homing concept, due to its built-in redundancy, ensures high system performance with maximum resilience: even if one Internet connection fails to work, the connection is maintained by the other access routes. You are online 24/7 and avoid costly downtimes. Multi-homing distributes the data traffic over different connections, resulting in faster transmission with balanced data flow.

Tailor-made multi-homing solutions from a single source

Of course, all processes and services not only come from a single source, but are also certified in accordance with relevant ISO standards. Depending on your needs, we will design your personal, individually tailored multi-homing network, implement it and even select suitable Internet Service Providers (ISPs) on request.

Talk to us. We look forward to your project!

Thomas Wolpert

Head of Account Management

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