Premium Internet Cloud Connect

  • High-performance cloud- and software-based Internet connection
  • Robust, reliable and flexible hyperscaler connection
  • Innovative MPLS alternative with guaranteed bandwidths and latencies (SLA)
  • Cloud-native package solution with complete E2E service management

Flexible cloud connect

Fast, secure data transfer is now more important than ever, but various latencies can quickly lead to delays and/or strong impairments. This can be solved with a flexible cloud connect. No matter whether you want to transmit data from a site to another company or a hyperscaler, inside or outside the country, with Premium Internet Cloud Connect (PICC) you are in the fast lane in the cloud everywhere in the world. As an innovative MPLS alternative, the ITENOS flexible cloud connect offers SLA-guaranteed latencies bandwidths and latencies. This unique solution provides higher quality and performance as well as fast upload speeds for remote access, VoIP, cloud and other real-time applications.


Reliable hyperscaler connection

For a fast and reliable cloud connection, PICC offers the advantages of conventional Internet-based cloud connects such as scalability, dynamic packet-based data routing, and the use of routing algorithms. At the same time, the high-speed data freeway in the cloud offers the advantages of Ethernet or MPLS-based cloud connects with very high security and allocated bandwidth.

By supporting a novel routing algorithm, the flexible Cloud Connect always succeeds in optimally managing data traffic worldwide. The algorithms, controlled by machine learning, determine the right data paths within milliseconds: either via the conventional Internet-based cloud connect, or in case of high utilization or impending delays, the exclusive fast lane via hyperscaler connections. This enables much faster data throughput than with normal Internet connections. With its high-performance cloud- and software-based Internet lines, the flexible cloud connect is especially reliable and is completely monitored.

Don’t let yourself be held back – choose Premium Internet Cloud Connect as a cloud-native package solution and join the next generation of cloud connectivity.

What are the USPs of ITENOS Premium Internet Cloud Connect?

Software-defined package solution
Package solution for access and backbone – no additional customer-provided equipment required
Flexible, rapid deployment
Quickly ready to use and scalableflexible at any time
End-to-end service
Full management of E2E service for every connection worldwide
Guaranteed latencies and fixed bandwidths
SLA-guaranteed latencies and fixed bandwidths for very high data throughput
Combined solution
Combines the advantages of Internet-based cloud connects with the advantages of Ethernet/MLPS
Novel routing algorithm
Patented machine learning algorithms for continual optimization of network performance
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Arif Polat

Market Development & Interconnection Strategy Manager

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