Internet connection with DE-CIX Connect

  • Pairing your systems with the most important exchange nodes
  • No time- or cost-intensive detours during data transfers
  • IP Transit with direct connection to various Tier 1 networks
  • A wide range of peering options on the world's largest Internet node DE-CIX
  • Low-latency connection to more than 900 carriers and more than 15,000 interconnects

How to get your data to its destination, faster

Without a fast Internet connection, you can’t keep up with the competition. Because time is money and this principle also applies to the transfer of data. The sooner it arrives at the intended destination, the more effectively you can do your work. This is why we pair your systems with important exchange nodes and move your data fast and over a direct route to the desired destination, every time. This speeds up your data transfers, avoiding time-consuming detours and costs. Our IP Transit is your direct connection to various Tier 1 networks, primarily the Deutsche Telekom network. As a result, with your Internet connection you receive direct access to customers within the Deutsche Telekom network – which includes 42 percent of all fixed-network-based connections and a third of all mobile wireless connections. In our established ecosystem, you benefit from a wide range of peering options on the DE-CIX, the largest Internet node in the world in terms of data throughput, and a low-latency connection to the wider network via different carriers.

Internet connection with maximum performance

With our DE-CIX Connect service you receive a direct low-latency connection to more than 900 carriers and to more than 15,000 interconnects, such as Internet Service Providers and content delivery networks. In addition, the connection provides you with a peering facility with all other companies connected to this node. As expected, this Internet connection means you can rely on certified ISO quality and security from our data center in Frankfurt am Main.

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Ashkan Esfahani-Feyzi

Account Manager

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