ProtectService: Autonomous site networking

  • Individual networking solutions for the public/private sector
  • Planning and implementation of autonomous IP networks
  • Services for router and carrier management and ITENOS Cloud SBC
  • Integration of ITENOS SD-WAN as an overlay
  • ISO 27001-compliant operation of all platforms

Fully secure, professionally networked

For companies with distributed site structures – such as banks, energy providers, filling stations or security firms – secure and reliable site networking is one of the keys to success. This means that all distributed sites, such as branches, ATMs, hazard warning systems or wind farms, are securely networked with each other and a central location, such as a control center or data center. We offer custom solutions in the framework of enterprise networking specifically for these requirements. This also includes the WAN of the public sector – from state authorities and schools to social institutions and lottery companies. We support you end-to-end, from planning and network design to configuration, rollout and commissioning of your branch network to operation and management of all components. All of our platforms and data centers are of course certified and operated in accordance with ISO 27001.

Autonomous site networking, Business Internet Service (BIS) and ITENOS carrier management

No matter what requirements you set for your custom site networking: our team helps you find the best solution for your telecommunication infrastructure, while our ProtectService offers a closed, autonomous and specifically secured IP solution based on MPLS technology. Upon request, a central and secure Internet breakout for the WAN network is possible. You decide yourself if you want to obtain all services from us as a package or select individual modules and manage other areas in-house. Do you need support for managing your routers or carriers? No problem – we can help you with installation, configuration, and monitoring of your hardware or with the selection and integration of the right network provider.

For a future-oriented network, ProtectService can also be combined with the add-ons ITENOS SD-WAN as an overlay and ITENOS Cloud SBC for securing the connectivity of VoIP networks.

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Kai Müller

Head of sales

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