• Perfect infrastructure for every need with private and public clouds
  • VMware-based multi-cloud platform
  • Central cloud management for combined orchestration
  • Compatible with hyperscalers thanks to Cloud Connects
  • Automated, intelligent operation and countless self-services

Highly flexible multi-cloud services

It’s almost impossible to imagine daily business today without cloud applications. Inevitably, this ubiquity almost always leads to multi-cloud approaches because there’s no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” cloud that can meet every need from a single source. This means that 96% of businesses are either already using or planning to use at least two providers for cloud applications (SaaS). However, many companies are struggling to manage hybrid and multi-cloud environments. With a highly available and scalable VMware platform, ITENOS can provide the perfect cloud solution for every need. Multicloud has everything you need—whether it’s a private cloud for critical systems and sensitive data or a public cloud with hyperscalers such as Azure, Google, or AWS. As an experienced cloud provider, ITENOS not only makes it easy to orchestrate public and private clouds but also set up your own multi-cloud architecture for automated and intelligent operation.

Multicloud as a key IT component

Multi-cloud services rely on cloud computing and storage services from different providers at the same time. This is ultimately what allows you to blend the benefits of private and public clouds. Companies enjoy the security and data privacy benefits provided by private clouds while also enjoying public cloud benefits such as scalability, availability, and attractive collaboration and productivity services. Bringing the best of both worlds together in a single multi-cloud strategy increases efficiency, improves capacity, optimizes costs, and reduces dependence on a single provider. ITENOS Multicloud is available with different options to suit individual customer needs—from individual VMs on a shared platform to geo-redundant systems and dedicated hardware. Custom cloud infrastructure is always located at ITENOS’ highly secure German data centers. Consultation, engineering, solution design, and 24/7 operation: At ITENOS, you can rely on extensive expertise when it comes to cloud management as well as pragmatic and solution-oriented approaches. Multicloud offers powerful cloud services, high availability, maximum security, and a wide range of connections as well as integration with existing IT systems and locations.

What makes Multicloud stand out?

Flexibility and security
Scalable, VMware-based platform from highly secure German data centers
Redundant design
Redundant or geo-redundant design for high availability and compliance with SLAs
Central management
Orchestrate hyperscaler services (Azure, AWS, GCP) with Multicloud Management and Cloud Connects
Comprehensive self-services
Near real-time changes for maximum flexibility
Professional, automated operation
Automated provision and management of services
Round-the-clock service
24/7 service desk with direct access to the operations team
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Oliver Hundrißer

Senior Account Manager

Service provider on Trusted Cloud

With the goal of providing more transparency and trust in cloud computing, the Trusted Cloud project was started under the aegis of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWK). The Trusted Cloud label confirms ITENOS Multicloud as a highly trusted cloud service.

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