DataLogistIX platform

  • One port, one contract and one partner for all your digital services
  • Access to 900 carriers regardless of your provider
  • Connect to all the big cloud hyperscalers
  • Individual managed internet access and cloud solutions
  • Resource-saving and cost-effective

The gateway to the world of digitization

Hybrid cloud, secure internet access, applications with particular requirements on latency and fail-safe operation – more and more medium-sized companies are facing the challenge of integrating a growing array of digital services into their system landscape. But, do you really need a different provider for each service?

The answer is no! ITENOS provides a platform for all digital services with the MPLS network DataLogistIX. In this way, all locations, computer centers, cloud services and partners can be networked together creating one all-encompassing IT infrastructure for business success – an infrastructure that extends across applications and providers.


DataLogistIX – The centerpiece of ITENOS data centers

A total of four gateways connect to the central service gateway. These are the connectivity gateway, the IXP gateway, the internet gateway and the cloud gateway. This is how ITENOS ensures the smooth connection of locations and in-house data centers, access to the central European internet nodes such as DE-CIX, the provider-independent connection of more than 900 carriers such as Telekom and Colt, various options for secure and managed internet access as well as flexible, scalable and customized cloud solutions including direct connection to large hyperscalers such as AWS.

And now for the best: Customers only need one port to use all of these services. Following the modular principle, they can choose exactly those services they need at any given time.


One port – one partner – a range of options

Concentrating on one port provides customers with numerous advantages: linking via one central carrier is less prone to errors, has a quicker setup and is ready to go in a few days. Once all services are linked centrally, interference suppression is easier, fewer resources are consumed and not only is handling simpler but ultimately also more cost-effective – only one single SFP module is necessary. To achieve a (geo)redundant solution despite this, the port can be designed redundantly and combined with a twin at another location. With DataLogistIX, ITENOS responds to the growing demands of medium-sized companies to use digital services and to access managed services in the process. By doing this, ITENOS becomes the one-stop partner for the digital transformation of medium-sized companies.

Use this chance to manage all your digital services with one service gateway. Contact us and discover the DataLogistIX platform from ITENOS!


With DataLogistIX, ITENOS provides a platform for all digital services: Everything bundled on one port and following the modular principle.

Talk to us. We look forward to your project!

Thomas Wolpert

Senior Account Manager

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