ITENOS is a sustainable ICT company

Sustainability is in everything we do. Because protecting the climate and the environment are as close to our hearts as leaving behind a world worth living in for generations to come.

IT’s our future.

Climate change affects us all and the time to talk is over—now it’s time to act. At ITENOS, we understand this loud and clear, which is why sustainability is in everything we do. As a sustainable ICT company, we want to help shape our future. That’s why we’re thinking about sustainability holistically—not just in ecological terms but also economic and social.

Sustainability in the IT industry

The IT industry is notoriously resource and energy intensive. Nonetheless, it has a lot to offer when it comes to sustainability. For example, as a sustainable ICT provider with innovative solutions, we’re helping our customers complete their digital transformations. And that’s the key: sustainable IT services are not a contradiction in terms—they’re an essential part of the journey to sustainability for customers. Our solutions and services ensure sustainable IT for SMEs, which in turn allows our customers to use more efficient IT infrastructure and improve their own production and delivery processes.

Net zero is our big goal

We take it for granted that our data centers are powered by electricity from 100% renewable sources. What’s more, we’ve been doing that since 2016. However, to properly assess our impact on the climate, we also need to consider other factors. For example, we may be indirectly responsible for certain greenhouse gas emissions (e.g. as a result of upstream or downstream activities or energy purchased). Equally, the company might be directly responsible for certain emissions (e.g. those arising from our facilities and processes). That’s why ITENOS is tracking all of the emissions that it causes on its journey to net zero. As a sustainable ICT company, our aim is always to reduce and/or offset any emissions with suitable measures.


What do we mean by carbon footprint?

Our carbon footprint includes all greenhouse gases (especially CO₂) that are emitted over the course of the product life cycle, including the production, operation, marketing, and disposal of our solutions and services. This includes emissions for which the company is directly responsible (Scope 1), emissions for which the company is indirectly responsible (Scope 2), and emissions caused by the company’s upstream and downstream activities (Scope 3).

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Sustainability on the global stage

As a far-reaching issue, sustainability has gained global recognition. ITENOS supports the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) designed to safeguard the environmental, social, and economic aspects of sustainable development. In addition to protecting the planet, these 17 goals also address several social issues and aim to promote sustainable peace and prosperity.

By relying on green electricity, we are not only helping promote clean energy (SDG 7) but also implementing proactive measures to help protect the climate (SDG 13). What’s more, ITENOS has an active influence on the digital IT infrastructure in Germany and is helping build robust, resistant, and reliable infrastructure with innovative solutions (SDG 9).

When it comes to our employees, we want to break down any inequalities within our organization (SDG 10) and ensure that all employees are as healthy as possible (SDG 3). We are also focused on gender equality (SDG 5) and give women priority over men with the same qualifications. Last but not least, we also offer our employees high-quality education in the form of training courses and seminars (SDG 4) and ensure good working conditions as well as economic growth (SDG 8).

At ITENOS, we want to be proactive in meeting our social responsibility. That’s why sustainability is in everything we do. IT’s our future.


Key Figures – 2023

Percentage of women
Employee health
Energy savings (since 2018)
0million kWh

What we’re doing to improve our sustainability

  • Green electricity:

    We use 100% green energy to power our data centers

  • Energy management:

    Our energy management system meets the highest standards and is certified ISO 50001:2018

  • Carbon footprint:

    We track all of our emissions and reduce them wherever possible

  • Company vehicle fleet:

    We offset every mile our vehicles drive with certificates.

  • Carbon-neutral shipping:

    Our shipping is climate neutral thanks to our partners

  • Emissions:

    We offset Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions

  • Percentage of women:

    We hire women over men with the same qualifications

  • Employee health:

    We ensure that our employees are as healthy as they can be

  • Climate protection:

    We offset greenhouse gas emissions with additional projects (ClimatePartner certification)

Sustainability report 2023 Download

Check out our sustainability report for a more detailed look at exactly what we’re doing to improve our sustainability. You’ll also find lots of great insights into the strategies and measures we're using to address this important future topic as a sustainable ICT company.

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