SOLID Internet Break Out (SIBO)

  • Stable solution for secure internet breakout
  • Security and dial-in solution with firewall as a security service
  • Protected customer, partner and home office connections via VPN
  • SIBO is hosted at the secure ITENOS data center in Frankfurt
  • Self-service for fast adaptations and greater flexibility

Solid Internet Breakout – SIBO

SOLID INTERNET BREAK OUT (SIBO) provides the ideal framework for internet breakout without any security risk. Are you challenged by an increasing number of employees, customers and external partners accessing your IT and communication infrastructure, and an internet connection lacking the capacity to cope with the traffic? SIBO is a highly secure and stable solution for local internet breakout. The security and dial-in application supports corporate network access via firewall and additionally facilitates the secure integration of public clouds. Connection bandwidth can be flexibly scaled across all participating access points without any risk to IT security.

Security service for protected access and reliable dial-in

SIBO is located at our Frankfurt data center. Internet access from multiple locations is via MPLS, Ethernet Connect 2.0 or alternative connection technologies. You can also connect your employees’ mobile workplaces to your intranet via a VPN and the SIBO firewall. The process is similar when partners and customers access your in-house IT infrastructure. The SIBO firewall has the necessary protective mechanisms to protect every single access point within the internet breakout – from on-premises network to home office workplace. Our experts will be happy to support you with the configuration of SIBO’s comprehensive protective mechanisms.

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Jörg Winkhold

Leiter Vertrieb

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