Internet breakout

  • Reliable solution for a central internet breakout
  • Numerous security services for higher system protection
  • Secure customer, partner and home office connections through VPN
  • Hosting in secure ITENOS data centers in Germany
  • Scalable bandwidth and high flexibility
  • Managed service with a fixed fee instead of high capital expenditure

IT 4 Network Services – high performance and security

IT 4 Network Services create the ideal conditions for internet access without security risks.

Are you facing the challenge of granting more and more employees, customers and partners external access to your ICT infrastructure? Do you want to take advantage of SaaS products such as Microsoft Office 365? And is the cost of protecting your company IT getting higher all the time?

Our IT 4 Network Services give you a highly secure and reliable solution for your central internet breakout and for connecting all business partners and cloud services. By using various connection options such as internet VPN, Ethernet or MPLS, we securely network your locations with our certified ITENOS data centers. You can adjust the bandwidth to meet your needs and expand it on short notice. By using virtual network components, you also benefit from short provisioning times and higher flexibility. All these services are managed services, saving you time and reducing your investments costs.

Comprehensive security services and easy cloud integration

The IT 4 Network Services form the core of the IT infrastructure. This is the meeting point for site connections, the central internet breakout, business partner connections, and optionally cloud connects. A particularly high level of security is required at this important node, which we achieve by deploying advanced next-generation firewalls. This way you are always in control and can decide who can communicate with whom. In addition, our Managed Mail Security solution focuses on email traffic, which is one of the most frequent entry points for malware and therefore requires special monitoring.

Connecting your locations to our ITENOS data centers additionally gives you the option of setting up a private cloud or integrating additional managed services and housing services.

Our experts would be pleased to help you integrate IT 4 Network Services into your company’s IT.

What are the USPs of IT 4 Network Services?

Stable, flexible and fast
IT 4 Network Services fulfill all compliance and IT security requirements
Secure and fully networked
All connections originate from a single point in our Internet, for the best possible protection of your system against cyberattacks, malware, etc.
Scalable bandwidth
Every location receives exactly the bandwidth it needs, from 10 Mbit/s to 100 Gbit/s
Supports integration of other IT services
End-to-end solutions for all needs: private cloud for outsourcing your own IT systems, or cloud connect to Azure, AWS etc. for further SaaS and IaaS services
Virtualization for fast provisioning
Virtualized components instead of long delivery times, even in the event of desired future changes due to altered conditions
Large choice of components and vendors
The right components for all requirements, whether router or firewall, conventional inspection firewall or modern next-gen firewall, Cisco or Fortinet
Mail security service
Additional service focusing on email traffic to reliably block malware
Full cost overview
Fixed-fee billing avoids high capex
GDPR-compliant hosting “Made in Germany”
Hosting exclusively in secure ITENOS data centers in Germany
Talk to us. We look forward to your project!

Jörg Winkhold

Head of Account Management

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