Business Internet Service

  • Fast, secure IP VPN site networking
  • Customized router management from a single source
  • Combinable with MPLS solution concepts such as ITENOS ProtectService
  • ITENOS SD-WAN integration
  • ITENOS carrier management
  • ITENOS managed home-office

Secure IP VPN site networking

Countless business processes would be inconceivable without the internet: data and applications are migrating to the cloud; home offices are no longer the exception, but the norm; and the secure exchange of information between different locations is a matter of course. This increases the demands on flexibility, functionality and service, while the need for bandwidth continues to grow. With the Business Internet Service, you get a fail-safe, high-performance, stable IP VPN network for your company sites.


Professional data transfer and comprehensive service thanks to Business Internet

From router procurement to configuration, centralized administration, and incident management: with managed routers, the Business Internet Service from ITENOS, nothing is left to chance. We stand by you so that you can focus on your core business. With Business Internet Service, you’re getting the foundation for professional data transfer from a single source – customized to suit your needs and fit for the future. We offer a range of access technologies, including xDSL, FTTH, LTE and 5G. The Business Internet Service can be combined with existing MPLS solution concepts and with ITENOS ProtectService.

What’s more: The Business Internet Service is also ideally suited for integrating a modern SD-WAN as an overlay.

What characterizes ITENOS Business Internet Service?

Fast and secure networking
IP VPN networking of corporate branches and home office connections with various technologies, including xDSL, FTTH, LTE and 5G
Router management according to customer demand
From router procurement and configuration to central administration, including incident management: tailor-made service from a single source
MPLS integration
Compatible with existing or new MPLS solution concepts such as ITENOS ProtectService
ITENOS SD-WAN integration
Compatible with modern SD-WAN as an overlay
ITENOS carrier management
Access to advanced carrier and access technologies
Tailor-made ITENOS WLAN solutions
Secure, flexible and future-proof
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Kai Müller

Head of Account Management

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