Access control

  • Central management of security systems with activeAccess
  • Manufacturer-independent mapping of different access technologies
  • Integration of smart cards, Bluetooth, biometric access control etc.
  • Numerous features, such as visitor management and notifications

Specify who is granted access

Reliable access control is essential for physical security. It protects your company, your employees, and all of your data against theft and espionage. There are many providers for various access mechanisms, each covering different requirements. If you opt for different technologies from several providers, managing all of them can soon become a real headache. But ITENOS supports you from start to finish. Whether it is about the perfect access solution, the installation of an access system, or the administration, we can provide everything from one single source!

Our activeAccess solution allows you to manage all access technologies independent of the manufacturer in a single system, and define where, when and who is granted access. We therefore provide comprehensive identity access management, cross-location security, and end-to-end transparency. You can easily access the system, which we host centrally in our high-security data centers in Germany, through your browser.

We cover the whole process

Are you looking to modernize your outdated access system for security reasons or rebuild one from scratch? We can support and guide you through the entire process: from concept to implementation, all the way to management. Together with our specialist partners and experts in access solutions, we offer a truly comprehensive package. Find your perfect access solution: adapted to your specific needs and the technical structure of your current access system.

ITENOS activeAccess – overview of locking system solutions

  • Card-controlled door access
  • License plate recognition
  • Access via smartphone (app), Bluetooth or near-field communication (NFC)
  • Biometric options such as fingerprint and iris scans as well as hand and facial recognition

We manage all the control systems you employ and can integrate any technology provider. We can also link in video surveillance systems, for example, with webcams for remote release of supplier doors. In addition to managing various devices, people, zones and zone groups as part of access control, activeAccess boasts numerous additional features that help improve efficiency and enhance security.

ITENOS activeAccess key features:

  • Central user and identification management
  • Time logging and workforce management
  • Automatic notifications via email
  • Simple and flexible site management in real-time
  • Seamless migration of existing security systems with the activeAccess management system
  • Hosting in certified data centers
  • Additional features available on request to meet your specific needs
Talk to us. We look forward to your project!

Jörn Krinelke

Account Manager