• Modern, cloud-based and hybrid WAN
  • Application and performance-based routing in the enterprise network
  • Higher bandwidth, best availability and maximum data security
  • Optimal cloud connection

Next-generation enterprise network

Software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN) are the network technology of the future for smart interconnection of different locations. Compared to conventional site networking, this high-performance approach gives you an unprecedented degree of flexibility to help you handle the quickly changing requirements arising from digitization and an increasingly cloud-based IT environment. As part of a hybrid structure, several access technologies available on site, such as xDSL, FTTH, MPLS, LTE or 5G, are used simultaneously. Your company’s data traffic is always routed to its destination over the most efficient path. You decide which data is routed directly to the internet or via private connections – depending on the priority and sensitivity or confidentiality of the information. For instance, sensitive data can be transferred over our secured MPLS network, while streaming services use the internet route. This intelligent network management effectively prevents data congestion. This way we also improve the performance of the integrated cloud services and increase availability for real-time applications.

Your migration to SD-WAN

As a pioneer in networked IT systems, ITENOS is always at the leading edge of the latest trend technologies. We think a step ahead for you, and we actively drive the development of future WAN solutions guided by market and customer requirements. For the implementation of your SD-WAN concept, you are in excellent hands with us. We work closely with you to develop a customized corporate network that connects your sites in an intelligent, agile and flexible way.

What are the USPs of ITENOS SD-WAN?

Hybrid WAN
Smart utilization of existing access technologies. Bandwidth and routing optimization, reliability
Hybrid Cloud Connect
Fast and flexible transitions to services in private and public cloud environments
Application Based Routing
Applications can be automatically prioritized – e.g. based on user access, bandwidth requirements or IP addresses
Zero Touch Provisioning
Central, flexible and fast management of SD-WAN resources and functions
Performance Based Routing (PBR)
Selection of the optimal connection based on measured performance (e.g. latency, jitter, etc.)
Next Generation Firewall
Examines the protocol and port that are used, checks the data stream content, detects unusual behavior and filters out infiltrated files
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Kai Müller

Head of Account Management

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