Procurement @ ITENOS

The cross-linking of enterprises makes the procurement of goods easier than ever before. However, the selection of suitable and qualified suppliers often presents a major challenge to companies. The growing level of complexity within the B2B solutions business requires increasing competence on part of the suppliers.

As an established and experienced provider of secure and sophisticated ICT solutions for SMEs, we know how to successfully strike a balance between procurement, development and operation. In order to offer our customers tailor-made quality and maximum flexibility, we are looking for strong suppliers, with whom we can reliably cooperate

Our product portfolio includes four major areas:




Managed Services

For our SME customers, we exclusively create solutions “Made in Germany”. Whether connecting subsidiaries and locations or operating applications on our platforms – for all of that ITENOS uses high-quality hard- and software from renowned manufacturers. In addition to the ICT business, we also operate our own data centers, and for the maintenance of their infrastructures, we also require suppliers from different sectors – for example climate technology, electrical engineering, data center construction etc.

Would you like to introduce your company to us?

Then please send us your company presentation, self-disclosure, product portfolio and relevant references to einkauf@itenos.de. Our procurement team will assess your documents and give you feedback.

Talk to us. We look forward to your project!

Tim Mettbach

Leiter Einkauf & Facilitymanagement