Data center security

Which criteria should come first when choosing a data center

Digitalization is on the rise in our modern society, but it would not be possible without high-availability data centers, cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile working and the like. Secure and available IT is becoming increasingly important due to digital work processes—but how can the greatest possible security be guaranteed in data centers?

Growing importance of data center security

More and more companies are moving their IT infrastructure or parts of it to data centers by using colocation and/or cloud-based services. This means that information, applications and services that are vital for the smooth operation of companies are located in data centers. Data must not fall into the wrong hands. Whether sensitive customer data or relevant (office) applications: without measures to maintain physical and network security, there is a risk of downtime, data loss and, in the worst case, economic ruin.

From location to fire protection: physical security

To ensure a high level of data center security, the choice of location is important. Modern data centers are usually located in commercial areas and maintain a minimum distance from other buildings for fire safety reasons. The use of non-combustible materials and dividing the building into different sections or fire zones also play a role in terms of building safety. Fire detectors and early fire detection systems (VESDA), a direct connection to the fire station, and gas extinguishing systems ensure maximum safety in the event of an emergency. In addition, comprehensive access control ensures the physical security of a data center. Data center operators use various protection mechanisms, such as a security service, video surveillance and access control systems, to prevent intrusions.

Better safe than sorry

For sustainable protection against failures, critical systems in modern data centers, such as emergency power generators, UPS systems and network equipment, should be designed redundantly. It is worth taking a look at tier classification to compare the availability of individual data centers. This international standard classifies the reliability of data centers according to defined criteria.

No entry for hackers

As the core of the IT infrastructure, data center networks must also be protected at the virtual level. From multiple authentication and firewalls to intrusion detection, various security measures prevent unauthorized access or hacker attacks.

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Thomas Wolpert

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