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Gabriel Willigens

Head of Business Unit Data LogistIX

ISG study: ITENOS is again one of the top five colocation service providers

“ITENOS maintains six data centers in five cities and is an ideal partner for small businesses, mid-tier companies and service providers. The company’s offerings were further expanded through the construction of a data center in Düsseldorf and connectivity improvements.” ISG, 2020



Global technology research and advisory firm ISG‘s Provider Lens ‘Next-Gen Private/Hybrid Cloud – Data Center Services & Solutions 2020‘ is a practitioner-led comparison of the portfolios and competitive strength of 26 service providers in the German market. As in the previous year, the ISG analysts have placed ITENOS in the ‘Leader’ quadrant, confirming our position as one of the leading colocation services providers in Germany and one of the top five in our market.

“ITENOS is constantly expanding its range of services and adapts very quickly to market needs,” according to the ISG experts. “Due to high demand for colocation services, an energy-efficient data center with a floor space of 12,900 square meters has been put into operation in Düsseldorf recently.” ITENOS now has seven data centers in Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Leverkusen, Bonn and Hamburg with a total floor area of 31,200 square meters. According to ISG, ITENOS is “one of the largest providers, primarily for mid-tier businesses.”



“Over the past twelve months we have all worked hard to improve our infrastructure and our portfolio. As a result we have retained our position among the top five of a total of 26 colocation service providers, which is a fantastic team outcome. It’s achievements like this that motivate us to go the extra mile every day.”

Gabriel Willigens, Head of the Data LogistIX Business Unit at ITENOS


Our colocation services strengths according to ISG:

  • Broad portfolio: “ITENOS offers a broad portfolio of colocation services. Experts determine the exact space requirements for customer-specific IT infrastructure, from individual racks and cages to dedicated rooms. The extensive colocation service offerings such as installation support, infrastructure monitoring, and smart hands services are the variety of options that make operations as easy as possible for a customer. At the same time, ITENOS ensures compliance with data-related regulations of Deutsche Telekom in Germany, which, in turn, prevents data breaches and misuse.“
  • Secure data center: “The data centers are have multiple certifications. The physical design of the technical infrastructure, with an eye on redundancy, for colocation operations ensures smooth operation. As part of Deutsche Telekom’s global Zero-Outage program, maximum system stability and high availability is guaranteed.“
  • Connectivity offer: “The portfolio offers a comprehensive range of connectivity services such as MPLS connections and lines via the Internet exchange nodes DE-CIX, AMS-IX, LINX and VIX to around 900 partners and carriers. More than 150 Carriers host their network on ITENOS premises and establish secure connections with other participants.“
  • Multiservice Plattform: “Multi-Cloud connectivities are created via the virtual Data LogistIX Multiservice platform, which enables secure connections to cloud providers and partners with a single physical port. The connectivity to the hyperscalers too has been improved, with connections running on different routes and platforms, reducing latency and accelerating processing.“


ISG colocation services provider report

Here is the complete analyst report for the colocation services sector.

Overview of key information

ITENOS is a colocation services ‘Leader’ again. We’ve summarized the key assessment results on ITENOS for you. ITENOS is a colocation services ‘Leader’ again. We’ve summarized the key assessment results on ITENOS for you.