Are you looking for just the right mix of career and private life, creativity and pragmatism, teamwork and personal development? Here you can find our current commercial, sales and IT job offers.

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ITENOS – IT’s us!

Every day we do our best, not only for our customers, but also for our employees. That makes us one of the best employers in Germany in the ICT sector.

Over 200 creative talents work every day on innovative solutions and to delight our customers. We support our teams in this effort. As part of Deutsche Telekom, a global business, we offer not only stability, but also a flexible work environment in which every individual can pursue their career according to their personal strengths and needs – from trainee to department manager.

This is fostered by a broad range of tasks and ongoing education opportunities, as well as flexible work hours, home office workplaces and numerous employee benefits, such as health promotion. That’s because a good work/life balance is essential to enable our employees to work precisely, creatively and productively. Our recognition as one of the best ICT employers and the feedback we receive from our employees, either personally or from surveys, confirms that our philosophy is the correct one.

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What we offer

The mid-sized company and the group
A mid-sized company within a large group: the perfect combination of security, stable market position and flexibility, speed and a wide range of responsibilities.
Company pension plan
We look after our employees – now and in the future. Enjoy the benefits of our company pension scheme, 100 percent financed by ITENOS.
Further education/development
Internal and external training courses, digital opportunities, technical certifications, scholarships – a wide range of options to support our employees.
Work-life balance
We create balance. All overtime is recorded. Parental leave for fathers is more than just an empty phrase. And you can arrange your work hours individually within our adaptable flexitime model.
Employee events
We know how to celebrate. ITENOS builds cohesion among colleagues with regular events. Whether it's the summer party, the company run, Christmas, kick-offs, and "Rad am Ring" – there's always something going on.
Health promotion
In the FITENOS program we offer coaching on topics such as nutrition and dealing with stress. We also offer massages, regular health checks and fruit campaigns.
Company fitness
Fit for ITENOS? Besides our digital and mobile coaching offers, bicycle leasing and fitness studio discounts, we set up group activities regularly – the company run is just one example.
Employee discounts
Making shopping twice the fun: along with discounts on their own Telekom products, employees are eligible for numerous discounts in various brand shops and online stores.
Free drinks
To make sure you're set for the working day, drinks are available to our employees free of charge. Water, tea and coffee are always on hand to quench your thirst.
Dress-for-comfort code
There's no obligation to wear a suit with us. Our motto is "Work as you are," the only exceptions being for customer appointments and special meetings. Apart from that, we have no stiff regulations.
Close to the city & with parking facilities
We guarantee good public transport connections and provide free parking for our employees.
Flat hierarchies
ITENOS does not have a deep cascade of hierarchies – management is a maximum of three steps away. This keeps communication lines short and working together smooth and direct.

Our current counter reading

kilometres cycled in our "Cycle to Work 2021" employee campaign
scoops of ice cream handed out at "ITENOS break"

Who we are looking for

Working for ITENOS

As a specialist in IT and telecommunications with 25 years of experience, ITENOS stands for inventiveness, self-reliance, reliability and high quality. We live these values, both in our dealings with our customers and with each other.

What’s more, working at an SME subsidiary in the corporate group of Deutsche Telekom offers advantages from both worlds. On the one hand security, assured benefits and a fixed set of rules, and on the other hand a flat organizational structure and fast response times. We cover the backs of our employees, both professionally and personally. You can rely on us. We look after your interests, even in individual cases or exceptional situations.

At the same time, ITENOS fosters a modern and open company culture. Constructive cooperation in creative and dynamic teams, along with honest communication, are essential for this. Here you are both allowed and encouraged to ask questions in order to actively help shape our processes, products, and the ITENOS brand. In our adverts and IT job openings we are therefore constantly looking for exceptional and clever individuals who can enrich our company with new, creative perspectives and approaches. Short decision paths allow everyone to contribute, implement and develop their own ideas.

The HR team introduces itself

Rüdiger von Ledebur
Head of Human Resources
T: +49 228 7293-4630
Jule Carstensen
HR Manager
T: +49 228 7293-4633
Celina Gläser
HR Manager
T: +49 228 7293-4634
Claudia Rinscheid
HR Manager
T: 0228 7293-4631

Application process


Take a look at the job exchange for suitable jobs and send your application with a cover letter explaining your interest in the job, a CV and all relevant certificates via e-mail to recruiting@itenos.de. All our jobs can also be found in the Telekom job exchange.

Telekom applicant tool

Please note that as a group company we work with the Deutsche Telekom AG applicant tool and in some cases we may enter your submitted data and documents there. This is the only way that we can fully consider the application in the later stages of the process.

Getting to know you

If you impress us with your application, we will invite you to a personal interview, in which we can get to know each other. In addition to first impressions of course, what matters here are your expertise and your personality. Usually, a colleague from HR and a member of the prospective management team will be involved.


If you prove a perfect match for ITENOS, we will make you an offer of a contract. If you accept it, first of all we will be very pleased! At the same time, we will start the hiring process. This includes various approvals, for example, the agreement of the Works Council, administrative To-Do’s and, of course, signing the contract.


As soon as the contractual matters are done, we will start an extensive technical and social-integrative onboarding process, which gives you all the information you need about our company in a clear and structured and way. Your company mentor will provide active support. Then all that remains is to say: Welcome aboard.